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Music as a tool for dealing with the challenges of old age

The emotional impact of music we all experience and can testify to; Songs and melodies can evoke serenity, energy and movement, as well as nostalgia, memory and a renewed experience of past emotions.

Almost all of us enjoy music and we spend time in our leisure time, whether it’s modern music or older.
However, although music crosses languages and cultures and accompanies most of us throughout life, not everyone knows that it was formed long before the oldest works we know; Archaeological studies and excavations have found evidence of musical instruments and musical activities that humans have already performed tens of thousands of years ago.
Music, in various forms, seems to exist from the dawn of human civilization and in sequence to this day.

People have always found pleasure, comfort, interest and meaning in them. Therefore, it is not surprising that in proper use, music is also a real therapeutic tool that aids in connecting oneself to oneself, to the depth of his essence and to his purest and earliest feelings.

Music therapy is suitable for almost any objective and emotional state and the technique can be used to care for children, youth and adults. Music therapy is effective in developing emotions and communication abilities, calming stress and anxiety, improving movement and motoring, and more. Although the treatment is suitable for all ages, at the age of three, music therapy becomes more important. The elderly often face a decline in cognitive and physical abilities, with separation and loss, and especially with loneliness. Studies have found that in the Western world about 50% of the third-generation experience loneliness. Beyond the impairment of quality of life, loneliness has a decisive impact on health; Many studies indicate that continuous loneliness is a stress condition associated with a decrease in immune function, damage to the cardiovascular system, and a decrease in the body’s ability to withstand resilience against various background diseases.

As noted, not only solitude gnaws at the emotional life experience of the elderly; As a result of the retirement from work, the reduction in leisure activities, the impairment of independence and the limitation of mobility, elderly people suffer from a lack of self-perception and a sense of loss of identity and social belonging. All of which are considered to be very important elements in the human experience, the absence of which can severely impair the joy of life, the sense of value and vitality.

Music is a phenomenal tool in dealing with these symptoms. Often, we can not restore to a person his original skills, the people he lacks or his habits and way of life in earlier years. But through music, it is certainly possible to allow the elderly to relive feelings he misses, to recall intense experiences in his life and to relive feelings he has not experienced in a long time.

Listening to music makes it possible to choose, to get excited, to reconnect to artistic preferences, to cultures, to “home of the mother,” to childhood, youth and forgotten worlds that renew the sense of belonging. As a result, the definition of identity, which brings great satisfaction among the listener, is once again strengthened.

Listening to music if so, and especially if it is done together, can relieve the feeling of loneliness. Playing poetry and melody can bring back to the older person the important sense of shared excitement, expression of longing.

It allows the listener to feel part of a group, and even if the group is invisible or physically absent, the song, as only a song can, provides it with a common denominator.

The music has been here since the beginning of our culture and it is here to stay. However, if we want to improve the quality of life and health of the generation of parents and grandparents, it is important to make sure to make available and present poetry and melody in the daily routine and preserve the musical tone in their lives.

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