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Remember that song from your youth? That’s the real reason!

In the late 80s the trend was to record songs from the radio, we would buy empty cassettes or find unused cassettes and simply record them for hours of radio in the hope of succeeding to catch something we would like to return to afterward.
One of my early memories from the age of 5 – I manage to record a song I liked very much, I had the feeling that my older brothers might also want to hear it.
I will never forget their enthusiasm for the little brother who always tries to attract their attention when ‘by chance’ the song played when they passed by me and what I remember even more is how much the song moved me.
I did not understand a word, but something in the sounds and power of the singing just washed me (link to the song at the end of the post :)).So I think I’m one of those who already understood at a very young age the power that music has over our soul, the power with which it intertwines in our lives.
But my personal journey to understanding the meaning of music in all of our lives for reasons that is part of all of us is always lasting. An especially important and interesting question about our connection to music is why is it the music we loved at an earlier age that excites us more than any other music?
If we ask 10 different people to choose the ten songs that have always excited them, we will find that most of the songs they choose will be songs that revolve around their youth.Increased recollection
This is due to a psychological phenomenon called the reminiscence bump. This indicates that we all have a tendency to remember more events that occurred during the years of adolescence (16-25). The reason for this phenomenon is that the storage of memory in the autobiographical memory is inconsistent over time.
Instead, memory storage increases during times of I and life changes, such as identity changes that occur during adolescence.

What causes the phenomenon of increased recall?
Memory systems of the brain are most effective during late adolescence and early adulthood.
In these times we experience many things for the first time, making them particularly memorable. But the main reason we return to songs and anecdotes from this period of our lives is that they remind us of who we are.
During these formative years, we make many significant decisions about life, develop meaningful long-term relationships, and establish the cultural and political beliefs that constitute our identity.
When people are asked about music that is important to them, they usually prefer songs related to times, places and influential people – perhaps the first holiday they remember from childhood, a central encounter with their future partner or a moment of self-discovery.

The role of music in the phenomenon of increased memory
One possible reason for the special power of increased musical recollection is that people tend to listen to music more at this time of their lives.
Music has a tremendous ability to aid in emotional processing: what better way to manage the emotional roller coaster than to wallow in Leonard Cohen, dance to Michael Jackson or relax with a melody of Daklon?
These poems are naturally embedded as significant memories for us, both positive and negative.
Experiments show that people regularly choose songs they listen to during sad and difficult periods, as well as songs related to better experiences. These melodies seem to be an important reminder of the emotional light and shade that give meaning to life.
In the examination of the phenomenon of increased musical recall, one of the most common reasons for choosing music from the past was that it reminded them of a particular person, often a parent or a person, Partner.

Some researchers even suggest that the phenomenon may cross generations, musical psychologist Carol Kromhansel showed that the youth show a special connection to the songs that originate in the increased memory periods of their parents and parents of their parents.

In summary, music is not just a key at all, it is our personal key toward who we are.

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