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Your staff can easily track changes in resident mood and emotional well-being over time, with a user-friendly dashboard that monitors trends and results-based data.


Our smart, AI-based app can learn and adapt to the unique preferences of each user, including music selection, emotional settings, and more.


Advanced facial recognition allows for efficient use with no staff assistance required.
In only 60 seconds, the is fully personalised, all with appropriate privacy settings.

Why Is SOLO The Right Choice For Your Community?

Available 24/7

Residents can use the app as needed, any time of day or night.

No Training Involved

SOLO is easy to set up, with no complex training for staff or residents.

No Absenteeism

You never have to worry about gaps in care due to staff time off.

No Burnout

The app is always available, providing consistent companionship to your older residents.

Activity Expert

The app can adapt to the activity, mood, and emotional preferences of every user.

No Turnover

There are never any expenses incurred as related to staff turnover.

Can Be Replicated

Customized app settings can be replicated for different users.

Knows All The Residents

Resident data is available for monitoring within the user interface, while ensuring complete privacy and security.

Leonard Cohen Ella Fitzgerald Beethoven 5th Stevie Wonder Meditation

Advanced Technology Allows For Emotionally Personalised Mood Settings

The responsive algorithm of SOLO uses a built-in camera to measure happiness, calmness, and sadness cues from innovative facial recognition technology.

Unlimited Library Of Video Content Is Tailored To Each User’s Needs

SOLO’s smart adaptability recommends video content to uplift, relax, or soothe, depending on the current user’s emotional state, and is completely customisable for preferred language and genre.

Facilitates Engaging Self-Care Activity In Just Seconds

Monitors changes to the emotional state of the user through real-time feedback to video content, and provides value-based outcomes to your entire community.

Monitors Resident Well-Being 24/7

Access to a smartly integrated dashboard with a user-friendly interface allows staff to effectively monitor resident changes, trends, and overall emotional well-being – all through valuable results-driven performance data.

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