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SOLO lets you understand and analyze human emotions in real-time faster, more affordable, and with AI-grade accuracy.

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What we do?

Understand the emotions of your customers
real-time & accurate

In every frame we provide the type, intensity and duration of 15+ data points


SOLO analyzes 4200 micro-expression points per minute based on real-time micro-expressions to calculate your emotional score.


Enable emotion-based experiences that interact with how you feel. Non-verbal. Automatic. Contactless.


Instantly boost sales with emotion-based recommendations that promote new services and products.


Analyzing big data and empowering you to make data-based decisions in less time and money.

Use Cases

Enable emotion-based interactions for better health and wellbeing

Digital health apps
Digital health apps
Robotics interactions
Robotics interactions
Patient engagement
Patient engagement
Content providers
Content providers
Telehealth sessions
Telehealth sessions
Employee wellbeing
Employee wellbeing

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