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Your staff can easily track changes in resident mood and emotional well-being over time, with a user-friendly dashboard that monitors trends and results-based data.


Our smart, AI-based app can learn and adapt to the unique preferences of each user, including music selection, emotional settings, and more.


Advanced facial recognition allows for efficient use with no staff assistance required.
In only 60 seconds, the is fully personalised, all with appropriate privacy settings.

Leonard Cohen Ella Fitzgerald Beethoven 5th Stevie Wonder Meditation


Know how your members are really feeling

SOLO uses a built-in camera to measure happiness, calmness, and sadness cues from innovative facial recognition technology.

Unlimited library of original feel-good videos for every mood

To uplift, relax, or soothe, depending on the current user’s emotions.



Engaging self-care activity that understand how you feel

1-Click app provides value-based engagement for every member.

Monitors resident well-being in realtime & over-time

Dashboard allows communities to effectively monitor resident changes, trends, and overall emotional well-being.


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The story behind SOLO

It all started with my grandmother, Shula !

I was a good grandson but wanted to visit her more, see her smile more, but I didn’t know how to make our moments meaningful.

I knew that I liked music and she liked music and we discovered the power of listening to music together.

when she passed away, I took some time to process it and look for some silver lining – and founded SOLO to help older adults all over the world !

The SOLO team

Suha Hajyahia

Head of R&D

Ori Kadosh


Chen Sofer (MBA)

Customer Success Manager

Roy Tal

Founder and CEO

Kelly Grace O'conner (MA)

US Business Development

Yuichi Shiegeie (MA)

Japan Country Manager

Diane Doster

US Business Development


Graphic Designer & Video Artist

Ronen Tal-Botzer (Ph.D)

Data Scientist (Evolution)

Lee Ben Ami (Ph.D)

Data Scientist (Evolution)

Ran Homri

Algorithm Engineer (Evolution)

We Are Hiring!

Graphic Designer & Video Artist

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